Prophetic Artist

World Breaker

World Breaker is a band that truly puts the "heavy" in Heavy Metal.  In addition to beautiful raven cries that are often associated with the Prophets;  their music will truly prepare your heart not only to enter into worship but also to fight against  spiritual wickedness in high places.  

Truly a choice cut of prime rib from the Christian Metal  buffet, World Breaker intelligently expresses Rhema through poetic lyrics interwoven with intricate melodies and time signature changes.  They make music which mirrors the complexity of the universe and the complexity of the nature of God.

Lead vocalist Shannon Graham and her husband Jay join  Dan and Glenn for the September 3rd edition of the Get Real! Podcast, "Star Breather and World Breaker ."  Not only will your ears get treated to their deep cut "Star Breather" but you will also be able to join a discussion that includes everything from blackberry pies to the purpose of a Criminal Justice system in God's overall plan for the redemption of mankind.  Subscribe to Get Real! on either iTunes  or on Podbean so you don't miss this eclectic edition.

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