Featured Prophetic Artist

The Living Dead Girl ...Danielle Wolfe

The Prophetic Arts include a wide variety of artistic expressions to help others see the Truth of Christ.  These expressions may include music, painting, poetry, and even writing.

It is with great excitement that Lithoscry gets to feature Danielle Wolfe (The Living Dead Girl) as the Prophetic Artist of the month who is in the process of completing a Gothic Romance Novel entitled "The Living Dead Girl" which glorifies Christ as the perfect Bridegroom who has an unquenchable love for Bride; a Bride whom He gave His very life for.

Danielle's book is coming near completion and we ask that you follow her with us through the process of completing this project which God has gifted and graced her to do.  You can follow her on Instagram @thelivingdeadgirlofficial.

Check out an interview with her on the 21 May edition of the Get Real! Podcast entitled "The Living Dead Girl:  From Goth to Glory."