Prophetic Artist



God is sovereign and in His majestic sovereignty uses whom and what He wills to fulfill His divine purposes.  The Hip-Hop artist known as "Psalm" is a  clear example of God moving in a man's life so that He (God) may fulfill a purpose.

Prior to using Hip-Hop to reach cultures that the church has often been unable to reach, Psalm was climbing the ladder of music success and tasting of the dream of fame. However, God took the ladder of success out from under Psalm and brought him to the lowest of lows.  This rise and fall was for a purpose.

The purpose of the divinely orchestrated events in Psalm's life were to redeem him and the gift of music knit within him.

Psalm's level of talent in writing and singing surpasses the talent of much of what is played regularly on the radio.  This degree of talent is like a well sharpened arrow that delivers the truth of the Gospel straight to the center of the heart in a context that is real, raw and intermingled with a spirit that is intensely compassionate. One of the most striking characteristics of Psalm's music is the degree of truth it contains.  His lyrics clearly demonstrate the truth about the issues we contend with in a fallen and screwed-up world while at the same time presenting the truth that the remedy for these issues is new life in Jesus Christ.

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