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Terry and Dianne McCabe

It's February, a month often associated with romance because of Valentine's Day.  Without question, romance is a gift given of God intended to glorify Him.

Singer/Songwriters Terry and Dianne McCabe are an example of how true romance glorifies God and results in fruit.  

Much more than recording artists with Raven Faith Records, Terry and Dianne are husband and wife whose giftings perfectly complement one another to create music that pierces the heart, comforts the afflicted, and most importantly  glorifies God.  

Historically, the Singer/Songwriter has been able to transcend genres and express their observations concerning world issues  and their views concerning the solution to those issues.  Astutely aware of the world around them, Terry and Dianne McCabe address the ills of society  and with wisdom provide the answer as found in Christ.  

Music for Terry and Dianne McCabe is more than entertainment, it is a vehicle to plant the seeds of the Gospel in hard places.  Find out more about the ministry of Terry and Dianne McCabe on the February 4th edition of the  Get Real! Podcast!

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