May 2020


Revelation Attic

Revelation Attic is more than symphonic metal. It is a place above where you can go to find out more about yourself and more about God. Intense guitar riffs, intricate vocals, and pensive lyrics supported by a foundation of masterful bass guitar work create an atmosphere that challenges the listener to think beyond what is visible to the human eye.  

The music of Revelation Attic is a result of the Rasa and Guntis; a power-couple whose musical collaboration evolved into a beautiful romance.  Rasa's vocals are intricate and controled with precision.  Her influences inculde:  Sinead O'Connor, The Cranberries, and Kate Bush.  Not only is she the voice of Revelation Attic, she writes the lyrics for their songs.

Guntis is the composer,  guitarist, and bass player.  His abilities on bass exceed what is common to the metal genre.  His influences include:  Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, and KISS.  He has been able to take the nuances of bass that are associated with classic rock and interweave it into the metal genre. 

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April 2020

Heavy Metal Band Red Calling

Red Calling

A perfect tapestry of heavy guitar riffs, intense rhythyms, and positive lyrics best describes the music of Red Calling.

Red Calling is a hard rock band from Tampa, Florida that has been rocking the stage since 2010.  Their mission and vision is much greater than creating quality music.  They see their artform as a way to bring a ray of light to those who are struggling with drug addiction and those who may be contemplating suicide.  

Music can bring healing. The positive overtones of Red Calling's lyrics sung by the ambient and calming vocals of Jessica Pons mixed with the traditional styles of hard rock and heavy metal creates an intangible medicine that addresses the struggles of this life with a sweet resolve.

They are the featured prophetic artist for the month of April and you can find out more about them on the April 2nd Edition of the Get Real! Podcast.

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