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The Lithoscry  Get Real! Podcast Crew:  (Left to Right:  Dan, Glenn, and "Wild Man" Sam

About Lithoscry

Dan, Glenn, and Sam comprise the Lithoscry team.  Dan and Glenn attended the same college and even were in the same Spanish Class together but did not connect in friendship and ministry until several years after they had graduated.  Both at one time served a small local congregation as pastors.  During their pastoral ministry they engaged in media outreach through the "Get Real!" radio show which aired weekly reached 50-60,000 listeners a week on a major News Talk radio station.  They also created and produced the "Arise and Shine!" television program.  

Dan and Glenn eventually stepped down from their positions as pastors and for a period of almost 12 years spent time in a spiritual desert.  This 12 year period consisted of many trials and tribulations including Glenn facing a brain tumor which was successfully removed.

Sam is Glenn's son and was born 4 months prior to the launch of the Get Real! radio show.  Sam's passion  is music and he plays drums at his local church and in his band Versatile.  


Glenn and Dan

Dan and Glenn at the 2016  Delain / Sonata Arctica / Nightwish Concert in Tampa FL.  

"Wild Man" Sam with his band "Versatile"

"Wild Man" Sam

"Wild Man" Sam with his band "Versatile."