The following are resources that will help you to grow spiritually and deepen your walk with Christ. 

What Shall I Cry Ministries

This ministry found on YouTube helps clearly define the truth of the Gospel by using the backdrop of today's apostasy which presents "another gospel" which is not the Gospel.  Click here.

Ligonier Ministries

This resource is a must for anyone desiring to acquire a deeper understanding of the mysteries of God and become more grounded in their faith. 

Revelation Resistance Podcast

A Christian outreach podcast. Taking the Revelation from God (how God has changed and is changing your life through Jesus Christ) into the world destroying earthly mindsets (evil spiritual strongholds in the hearts and minds individuals and embracing the reality of the Holy Spirit within ourselves as believers) through the gospel and love of Jesus. Encouraging the rejected, the outcast, the misfits, the neglected, the overlooked, the weak and the poor in spirit and all walks of life to know Jesus Christ on a personal and divine level.